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Are you one of the homeowners with the attitude of ” If it’s not broken, don’t fix it?” This rule should not apply to trees. When it comes to the health of your tree, it’s best to perform maintenance than to take action when the problem has already taken place. 

You should look at your trees as an investment, which means they require some maintenance so they can keep their beautiful appearance and good health. Trees can live for a hundred years if they are well cared for, but if not, they can die prematurely. Trees can either make or break the value of your home. Well-maintained trees can increase the value of your home, while untrimmed trees can look unsightly and unkempt. 

Trees can lower your cooling costs because they offer a natural safe for your home. They are also home to many wildlife like birds. 

If you change the way you look at your tree and see it as an investment and not a liability, you will begin to care for it as you’ve never had before. Trimming is important for the overall welfare of your tree.

Below are some of the important reasons why Iowa CityTree Service should trim your trees regularly


Improves the aesthetics


Trimming is beneficial to trees just like a haircut is for humans. It’s not just a matter of aesthetics and health as well. A tree that is trimmed looks well-cared for and manicured compared to an untrimmed tree that has overgrown branches. 


Stimulates growth


Tree trimming is essential for its growth and strengthens the limbs. A well-trimmed tree has a better fighting chance of thriving against the harsh environment and even in the face of a storm or snow. 


Enhances fruit and flower production. 


Tree pruning is critical for fruit or flower-producing trees. It is crucial to prune overgrown limbs and branches that prevent energy and nutrients from reaching the healthy branches. By eliminating unwanted limbs, you can direct the energy and much-needed nutrients to the productive limbs, which will improve fruit yield. 

    A safety measure. 

    High winds and intense storms are a surefire way to uproot a storm. But a dead branch, weak limbs, or broken branch can fall anytime, which makes them extra hazardous. This is the reason why tree trimming is important to get rid of the weak, broken, and diseased branches that are susceptible to falling. 

    Eliminates the disease

    Tree removal is not necessarily what’s required for a tree with some diseased branches. In most cases, professional tree trimming is all your tree needs to get back to its healthy state. With professional cheap tree trimming, you can remove all diseased branches that can affect the rest of the healthy ones and prevent the tree from dying

    If you see any signs of disease in your tree, you should immediately see a tree doctor. We can quickly set an appointment to trim your tree within the day. 

    Limbs overhanging the roof- During a storm, limbs overhanging your roof can fall and damage your window. 

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