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Are you in need of a professional stump removal service in Iowa? Look no more because you’ve reached the right people!

It is a common reason for stump removal to be done because of aesthetic reasons. But, in many instances, it goes beyond this and impacts the safety of your home. Stump removal can make your yard a better place to play for your children and for you to relax on a summer afternoon. 

An unsuspecting driver can accidentally hit the stump and damage his vehicle. Tree stumps can also be a threat to your lawnmower when you accidentally hit it. To top that, stumps can be a breeding place for dangerous insects and pests. Termites and ants tend to be invasive, and if you don’t address them right away, they will also invade your home.

Stump Removal Iowa City, IA

It is extremely dangerous as well as overwhelming to remove a stump on your own. It is a time-consuming and laborious attempt to eliminate an unwanted stump in your yard. You will find it wise and even cost-effective to remove a stump using a professional tree service such as Iowa City Tree Service. Using chemicals can also be counterproductive and do more harm than good. 

We will start the process by inspecting the stump’s circumference, height, as well as its species and age. We use these variables to outline a plan specific to the tree stump you have. We will make sure to discuss every option available for you before we begin the stump removal project. 

Stump Grinding Iowa City, IA

This approach is one of the most practical and effective ways to remove a stump. Stump grinding will eliminate the stump, and it will leave wood chips which you can use as natural mulch. If you prefer it, we can haul the wood chips away along with other debris. 

We will use our state-of-the-art stump grinders to get the stump out of your way. You can rent these heavy-duty machines or buy them, but it can be expensive. Trying to DIY stump removal can be a difficult undertaking, not to mention exhausting. It is better to use a professional service for this matter so you can assure the quality and safety of your entire lawn. 

  • Unearthing by Hand- Some trees are located in areas where it’s hard to access by heavy equipment. For instances like this, digging by hand will be a good idea to remove the stump. However, this is extra tiring for anyone, and it may not work for all types of trees, especially oak. 

    • Digging with a Backhoe- This method would be the last on our list because it can be damaging to the soil surrounding the tree. With a backhoe, we will lift or push the tree to eliminate the tree stump. It can be useful when used for stumps with root balls or surface roots. 
    • Chemicals- Chemical compounds can help speed up the process of decay for stumps. We will pour the chemicals into holes using a drill. It is the best approach to use when the stump is dry. 

    If you need a stump removed, consider hiring one of the local stump grinding companies; they have the expertise and equipment to efficiently handle grinder stump removal. Call us today, and we will discuss with you your options for our stump removal service.

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